March 11, 2022

#47 - Journey to being the Best Version of You w/Pamela Kurt

#47 - Journey to being the Best Version of You w/Pamela Kurt

Ms. Kurt as an attorney and business owner has won many awards and honors as well as held multiple Leadership Roles in her community.  She has found a new passion. Her passion is to support and empower women to be the best they can be!  

The most personal enjoyment is when her clients find their own way.  Ms. Kurt has also a private professional women's life coaching practice.  BE THE BEST VERSION of YOU!  This is an opportunity to elevate professional women to be the best version of themselves.  Dream Believe and Achieve is her signature coaching program.  Her coaching program has allowed her clients on a powerful self-discovery journey.  She is currently accepting new private coaching clients.  Please contact her at  to start your journey to become the BEST YOU.

We have a local vision board workshop on Feb. 19th and will be doing one virtually as well.  Have women's summit scheduled locally for May 7th and local book signing on March 5th and Women's weekend retreat forthcoming in the fall!

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