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March 4, 2022

Clean Eating with Kristy

Clean Eating with Kristy

Kristy helps women develop the skills they need to lessen the overwhelm in their fridge so that they can consciously make healthy choices and gain confidence in the kitchen. Kristy developed her program from her own personal experiences. As a single mom of two, working 50 plus hours, she was trying to figure out how to balance everything as well as look after her own personal health.

Kristy's first step in taking control of her health was to go to a Barnes and Nobel & buy the South Beach Diet Boo. She devoured it, reading it cover to cover quickly, and then she got to work. She made a grocery list, planned her meals, and made a commitment to herself!
Now Kristy shares her knowledge to help other moms to help eliminate the overwhelm around healthy eating for themselves and their families.

In this episode we cover:
How can meal planning and prepping be made easy for moms?

5 Step in meal planning
How important to make a go-to meal?
Knowing your goals for meal planning
How can you save time for meal planning


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