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June 3, 2022

Find Peace & Purpose in your Life with Becky Tibbetts

Find Peace & Purpose in your Life with Becky Tibbetts

Becky was a single mom working full-time as a Human Resource Manager before becoming a qualified coach and founding Inspire Development Coaching. She was continually overwhelmed by the demands of being a working mother, overcommitting herself, coping with the trauma of divorce, and balancing her responsibilities. She simply didn't have the time or energy to complete everything!

Everything changed when she learned to manage her time, live consciously, avoid burnout, and say yes to the things that mattered most to her. She now has time to spend with her husband and a blended family of six children, read books, go on beach vacations, and work on her own objectives. She discovered delight and confidence in determining her priorities!

She now wants to spread that peace to as many ladies as she can! That's why she focuses on helping women who are overloaded, overcommitted, afraid of other people's opinions, transitioning after trauma, or simply out of focus. She's been there and survived, and you can too!

In addition to her personal experiences, she has 17 years of experience working with women from various walks of life through Christian and non-profit ministries that deal with trauma transition and healing. She is also a devout Christian, which gives her special compassion and understanding for others and inspires her desire to assist women in finding peace and abundance in their life.

In this episode we cover

* How Becky transform from being an hr manager to becoming a coach

* How can we start to even imagine that purpose and freedom are possible for us? 

* Finding your purpose

* How important to prioritize yourself

* What else can they do to combat the overwhelmed? 

* How a VA can help you in your business

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/becky.tibbetts/

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