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June 22, 2022

Growth Mindset, Passion and Discipline with Sherene Strausberg

Growth Mindset, Passion and Discipline with Sherene Strausberg

Award-winning designer, Sherene Strausberg, is a unique creative, combining her experience in film, music and sound engineering with graphic design and illustration to create animated videos for her clients at the company she founded, 87th Street Creative. Having won a national composition competition in high school, she was awarded a scholarship to the prestigious Indiana University School of Music, where she completed two bachelor’s degrees in four years. Film scores she wrote in her first career, as a film composer, have been heard on AMC, Spike TV and Netflix. As a graphic designer for Jewish National Fund, she won two awards from Graphic Design USA. Her latest passion project, the short, animated film “Cool For You”, which she animated and scored, has been accepted to film festivals around the country. Recent clients of 87th Street Creative have included Walmart, American Express and Amazon Web Services.

Through the power of music and sound effects along with moving images, Sherene knew at the age of 16, she wanted to be a film composer. After 10 years pursuing that, while also working as a broadcast engineer at National Public Radio, she changed careers, first to graphic design and then to motion design. Motion graphics returned Sherene to her true passion of how sound and moving images together can immerse the viewer/listener. Combining this with her desire to work with clients who believe in sustainability and social justice, 87th Street Creative has worked with nonprofits and businesses who help make the world a better place.

In this episode we cover

* How Sherene left her full-time job to work as a freelancer

* How she changed career paths multiple times before landing where she is now

* Maintaining a work/life balance as a mother & a creative.

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Email: emailsherene@gmail.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sherene-strausberg

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