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March 25, 2022

Heather Reed - Happiness Coach for Moms

Heather Reed - Happiness Coach for Moms

Heather was entering 2020 two years ago, recognizing that the previous year had been a complete and total fog. She had accomplished little to nothing for herself or her family, and it had been survival mode since her youngest was born.

She was crippled by postpartum health concerns and anxiety, and she didn't know how to get out. She felt profound shame over her husband doing most of the home labor while also working a 9-5. So she began to work making objectives for herself and pulling herself up one piece at a time. One healing step. Then there was another. Then there was another.

She just kept pushing and going forward, and today she's living a life she never imagined was possible! It only takes one decision to make a difference. That choice is a catalyst, a game-changer, and our next best move toward living the life we know is achievable! We all deserve to be happy, and The Happiest Mom Society is here to assist!

In this episode we cover

* Why doesn’t mom put themselves first

* Why do we put everybody else first

* How moms  focus on themselves

* What is happiness mom society

* How important to have a version board

* How to ask your partner for help and let them know what help looks like.


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Facebook group: www.facebook.com/groups/teachyourbabytosleep

Happiest Mom Society: www.heatherreedcoaching.com/hms-membership

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