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May 20, 2022

Helping High Drive, High Achieving Women Live their Best Life - With Bonnie Hubert

Helping High Drive, High Achieving Women Live their Best Life - With Bonnie Hubert

A common question Bonnie gets from friends and associates is - how does she manage everything; working full-time, being a loving wife and mother, achieving her many graduate degrees, serving in her community, and staying fit over the years.
There is no magic formula for her success and happiness. All of her past, current, and future success are founded on vision, and it progresses with purpose, keeping momentum, and working toward a clear objective.
Throughout her career, she has had numerous chances to coach others. She has shared mental, physical, and emotional wellness strategies with groups of parents, youth, and professionals in a variety of settings, including professional counseling settings, "parking lot" conversations with friends and colleagues, in-home gatherings of women, and presentations to parent groups, youth, and professionals. She's worked with young individuals transitioning into adulthood, new moms juggling parenthood with work or school, women dealing with the changes that come with an empty nest, a recent divorce, or those looking to start a new career or transform a hobby into a business.

In this episode we cover:

* How Bonnie helps achievers women
* Why are more women who measure themselves against this impossible standard
* How am I going to make that work? It's almost like the constant to-do spills over into the rest. How can we start doing it back a bit?
* What did you have in your life that you can put on autopilot?
* What can you do in your life?
* When Bonnie's book will be out
* What Bonnie’s piece of advice she had ever received on her journey?

You can follow Bonnie at:

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ONEWayCoachBonnieHubert/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hubertoneway/

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