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April 12, 2022

Helping Moms Create The Life They Want with Diana Ballard

Helping Moms Create The Life They Want with Diana Ballard

Diana is a mother, wife, entrepreneur, life adventurer, spicy food lover, and your best 'booty shakin' friend. She's on a mission to build a community of moms who have the resources, techniques, and support they need to be their best selves at home and in the workplace.

She founded Mom Training to assist other mothers to find more joy, love, and fulfillment by building a community where we can all grow.

In this episode we cover

* Why Diana started her podcast

* What are these skillsets and how can other moms incorporate them

* How do you create a routine and manage your time as a busy mom

* How do you incorporate everybody into what you are doing

* What tools or strategies do we need to use to help ourselves stay centered, make time and take care of ourself.

Key Points

- The first one is designing motherhood, which is you have to have like a vision. You have to have a goal. You have to know what you want is like, just going off of whatever you see all around you is never gonna like hit exactly what's in your heart, what you want to see in your own life, cuz everybody's life is gonna be different

- The next one is time management and routine because you're not gonna be able to make your plan, execute it, have the energy that you need without, time management and routine. Because it really is a structure that needs to support you

- That was the next one was your money management as a mom. To be able to actually create the life you want, you actually have to have money to support you in that.

- The next one is relationships and communication where that one was specifically focused on their marriage, where they had really good communication

- Just making sure that I communicate my needs and have a good support system, someone that I can talk to my mom or my husband when I'm feeling down and being able to just remember who I am and that, I can keep trying and getting better.

- I'm doing a better job than I think I am. That's those are probably some mindsets that, I practice quite often to work on. And, and it's really helpful.


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