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March 15, 2022

Love Adventure Mom with Jodi Fried

Love Adventure Mom with Jodi Fried

Jodi is dedicated to assisting moms in leading full lives by introducing adventure into family life. When we have children, we often let go of important parts of ourselves. Then we spend a lot of time trying to figure out how, why, and what to do. Because we give up on so much that we love, we lose a spark, a bit of ourselves.

Jodi works with moms who enjoy going on adventures, whether it's hiking, camping, or traveling by plane, automobile, or train, and who want to reintroduce adventure into their lives after having one, two, or more children. She helps identify roadblocks, devise tactics, and works with you and your family to create the happy life you deserve. She is well aware of how difficult it is. She has been there and is experiencing it firsthand. Jodi truly believes that everything is conceivable.

In this episode we cover

How Jodi started the love adventure mom

Practical tips traveling with your kids

What is the preparation you need when traveling with your kids

What do you want to figure out what you want to start pulling out the things that are holding you back

How do you reconnect to yourself


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