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May 12, 2022

My Experience with Burnout - Angela Bell

My Experience with Burnout - Angela Bell

Burnout is something that can happen to us all.

As moms and as mom entrepreneurs, we are so much more susceptible to burnout and much more likely to not address it or to push through it and to do more damage because we just don't feel like we can stop, or we don't have the ability to make time to help ourselves be well.

Today I am sharing with you my own experience with burnout, what it taught me and how I recovered from it. I am will also share tips you can use to recover from burn out too!

In this episode we cover

My own experience with burnout

What I did and how I helped myself recover from burnout

What we can do preventatively after we experienced burnout to care for ourselves and do so in a way that's conducive to being a mom entrepreneur.


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