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May 3, 2022

Overcome Burnout using Mindfulness & Self-Awareness with Puja Aggarwal

Overcome Burnout using Mindfulness & Self-Awareness with Puja Aggarwal

Puja Aggarwal is a Board Certified Neurologist and Epileptologist, as well as a Certified Burnout and Growth Mindset Expert. She got burned out as a physician about 4 years ago. She was working long hours, attempting to balance taking care of her two children with all of life's other demands.

To deal with her burnout, she hired a mindset expert. She was able to become more self-aware and modify her perspective in just a few sessions. She noticed that her thoughts were influencing her moods and events in her life. She went from being overworked, stressed, and exhausted to be more self-aware, and capable of setting limits and attaining her goals. She wanted to help other female professionals with burnout because she had gone through such a transformation in her life.

The Life Coach School and the Qualified Life Coach Institute have certified her as a Burnout and Growth Mindset Expert. She founded Zenful Brain in 2021 to assist other female professionals. She teaches burnout clients how to overcome problems in life and become more self-assured, self-loving, and self-compassionate.

In this episode we cover

What is burnout

* How does it relate to adrenal fatigue

* What are mind fullness and self-awareness

* How do you allow feelings

* How journaling helps you to cope with burnout

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