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Feb. 18, 2022

Turning your unique gifts and talents into your business - with Michele Dickinson

Turning your unique gifts and talents into your business - with Michele Dickinson

Michele is life coach who helps busy professionals, especially working moms, who feel like they've reached a crossroads in their life and career.  She believes it's vital to give yourself the time and space to think about what you genuinely want in order to obtain clarity on your route forward and make aligned decisions based on what you value and how you want to live.

She's been there, and she understands how unnerving it is to be at a crossroads in your life and profession and realize it's time for a change. She recalls being frustrated during her own self-discovery journey because she spent so much time figuring out who she was and what she wanted emotionally and professionally. But when she finally had clarity and realized she wanted to use her hobbies, personal narrative, and special abilities to establish a business and help people, she did just that. Now Michele helps other women do the same.

In this episode we cover:

How can moms identify their passion or idea that they could turn into a business?

How to be happy in every area of life
The self-discovery process
Identifying your zone of genius
Discovering your passion
Your zone of uniqueness
How to get out of your comfort zone
Identify your interest
Where you find your limiting beliefs
Why would someone pick you and pay you over somebody else
Why coaching and mentorship are important


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