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March 18, 2022

Wellness Advocate Cindy Vallone

Wellness Advocate Cindy Vallone

Cindy didn’t set out to have a thriving wellness business in the beginning, but that is exactly what she has!

Cindy is a successful doTerra Wellness Advocate and also coaches entrepreneurs on in-person and on video presentation skills.  She has substantial training and development, corporate consulting, and sales experience. She excelled at sharing product knowledge and helping her customers' find solutions. She also earned a master's degree in organizational leadership since she enjoyed mentoring, encouraging, and assisting people in realizing their full potential.

She was introduced to doTERRA essential oils a few years ago and immediately fell in love with the products, which she began to share. She currently manages a fantastic team and develops sales and training materials. 

Cindy is committed to helping people live their best lives and improve their health!

In this episode we cover:

What is doTerra 

What is an essential oil

What is the use of essential oil in our body

How can essential oil can help us physically, emotionally, and mentally

Three ways you can use essentials oil

How to start a doTerra business

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Instagram: www.instagram.com/cindyvallone123

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